Painter – Born in 1971, in Torbat jam, Iran
Painting (SA) from Art Faculty of University of Shahed, 2009
Painting (BA) from art faculty of University of Tehran, 2004
Solo Exhibition:
2020 o gallery – Tehran
2018 On the side of silence  – O Gallery – Tehran
2015 Vacant place – O gallery – Tehran
2015 Nowhere – Azad Art gallery  – Tehran
2014 Drawing, Azad Art gallery  – Tehran  
2013 Forbidden zone, Azad Art gallery  – Tehran
2011 You must be drawn from right now, Azad Art gallery –  Tehran
2010 Silent behavior, Ariya Gallery –  Tehran
2005 Painting Farrokh gallery –  Mashhad  
2005 Seyhon Gallery – Tehran


Group exhibition (drawing):
2016 Afrand art Gallery – Tehran
2016 Gorjani art Gallery – Tehran
2015 Aria art Gallery –  Tehran
2015 Laleh Gallery – Tehran 
2014 Aria art Gallery – Tehran
2014 Laleh Gallery –  Tehran 
2013 Aria art Gallery –  Tehran
2013 Laleh Gallery –  Tehran
2012 Aria art Gallery – Tehran
2010 Iranian Artist’s Forum –  Tehran
2009 Azad Art Gallery –  Tehran
2009 Mohsen Art Gallery – Tehran
 2008 Iranian Artist’s Forum – Tehran
2007 The first Dr. Soundozi drawing festival –  Tehran
2007 Ayeh Art Gallery, Sooreh university – Tehran
2006 Mirak Art Gallery – Mashhad
Group Exhibition:
2017 Aaran Art Gallery – Persian Garden – Tehran
2018 Teerart – Ava center – Tehran 
2017 “Landscape up close” Niavaran Cultural Center – Tehran
2017 “With My Roots”  – London
2017 Postcardese, Azad art Gallery – Tehran
2015 Iranian Artist’s Forum  – Tehran
2014 Azad Art Gallery  – Tehran
2014 Aria Gallery – Tehran
2013 History Game, Etemad Gallery – Tehran
2013 Pro Atr Gallery –  Dubai   
2013 Corrosion, Shirin Art Gallery – Tehran
2012 Aria Gallery – Tehran
2010 Land escape, Aaran Art Gallery – Tehran
2010 Artin Art Gallery –  Tehran
2005 Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute – Tehran 
2005 Bishkek National Museum – Kyrgyzstan 
2005 Niyavaran Cultural (Realism & Hyper Realism) – Tehran
2003,2004 The 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennale – Tehran
2001 Azad Art Gallery – Tehran




Where is nature, what’s humans’ place in nature, what is the relationship of modern humans and nature, can we still with traditional beliefs say that the human is a part of nature (in the disproportion of Iranian Contemporary People and nature, it’s enough so that our conception from the nature is just as common images “Pastor Al” such as Northern Natures) 

In Iranian contemporary painting, either there is not a sign of Nature or if it is, should be fined and followed in Dadashi’s Galleries, like Farshchian’s Rococoic Natures or deformational paintings and it’s like cubistic painting, whatever the reason is, its assisting this point that, today’s Iran paintings are too urbanized and conservative, and in shamelessly way tries to find approved and permitted manifestations from (coevals making Organizations), whereas, all of us Iranian know it well that our thousand pieces torn life and full of discrepancy is depended on to realm and nature that we raised up by it and has formed our tradition.

Mohammad Khalili is one of few nature-oriented Iranian painters,  who intentionally has stood a step back from us by his natures from what  we repeat it “media like” in order to polish acquaintance from our imagination of nature, such natures as his have symbolic steams, secretly and scary like our lives, their subject doesn’t have much to say, most of their space covered by dessert ( and of course sometimes a person shown by pool or waterhole) he has looked for to inquire such subject in a time that political and Derision – Oriented Nihilism contexts (momentous) have unquestionable dominance (in fact it is the food of power centers for showing off to existing freedoms) his cold and quite an environment doesn’t need familiar signs, coldness, and silence seen in his colors and shapes, his paintings simply are receptive any paraphrases in form of fiction and are acceptable by any addressers without having any story and that is his sealed secret painting which still refuses “coming to terms”

“Javad Modaresi”

On The Side of silence

Vacant place


Forbidden Zone ​

You Must Be Drawn From Right Now​