The AMERTA Art Group defines its vision in introducing and presenting the artworks of contemporary world artists in an atmosphere of interaction and connection, which is built on cultural discourse. AMERTA Art has been able to create new opportunities online by using the presence of university professors and art experts in the fields of creation and criticism. Because the field of art economics is different from other fields of art and economics, and in the art market, valuation relies on taste and variety in the demand for artworks, we have been able to with the creativity and professional experience of our experts in Supply and demand market, provide the ground for the participation of artworks by contemporary artists.

 AMERTA Art seeks to pursue the following goals by creating interaction and agreement between artists, galleries, collectors, critics, and buyers. Our long and short-term goals are, to introduce professional and new empiricist artists, hold exhibitions online, hold art events in person and in absentia, and create the ground for cooperation between institutions, galleries, and private art collections inside and outside Iran.

Art Exhibitions and Events

Selling artwork online

Documentary and Fılm Festival